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Helping at risk youth through sport

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This Is How Our Story Began

Tyson Bailey Fund (TBF) honours a positive young man who was a leader in and outside of the classroom. Tyson was a high school student at Central Technical School in Toronto.  He was a vibrant, hardworking 15 year old with an infectious smile and a passion and real talent for the game of football. Tyson wanted to play community-based football but did not have the financial means to do so without help.  

Tragically, Tyson was shot and killed in a Regent Park housing complex in January of 2013. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

There was, and continues to be, a general lack of financial support for talented, low income teenagers like Tyson.

As a result, a fund was formed in 2013 to provide financial aid to low income, at-risk teenage athletes in Toronto.  

Our initial goal was to assist players within the Ontario Varsity football League, to play with the Metro Toronto Wildcats Football Club (MTW). Tyson was interested in playing for MTW and would have been one of our first aid recipients. 

After his death,  with his family's blessing, we changed the name of our fund to honour Tyson’s memory. 

The Ontario Varsity Football League (of which Metro Toronto Wildcats was a member), dissolved in 2017.  Our goal at TBF had always been ultimately to expand outside the sport of football and  help both male and female disadvantaged youth play organized sport. 

As part of our next phase in achieving this expansion, we are currently partnering with TIRF Rugby ( for a three year pilot project.  The goal is to help encourage disadvantaged youth to get involved with organized rugby.



Mailing Address:

185 Frederick Street

Suite 101


M5A 4L4

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